Levitation Inspired Photography

Made possible by the wonders of radiation, electronic image sensors, pin hole apertures, and the creative mind of Natsumi Hayashi, these gravity defying images demonstrate the boundless artistic possibilities within the photographic medium.

Wednesday Wolf Water Color Paintings

Seattle based non-conventionalist painter Wolf is obsessed with all things broken and flawed, and certainly not classical beauty. He considers himself one of the broken people, struggling to be whole, who prides himself on using watercolors, ink, and bodily fluids to corrupt the manufactured perfection of the white canvas, which he describes as being “so much pulp and bleach.”

Real Life Pacman

Is this the biological proof we needed for the real world existence of one of the most beloved video game characters of our time?

Artist Retna Inspires the Youth

There is nothing better than working with children, it’s similar to planting a seed. One of these kids may be the next Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat or Marquis Lewis.

Dennis Ziliotto’s Wonderland

Dennis Ziliotto is a photographer based in north Italy. His bizarre photography turned into art is crazy and fun, enjoy!

Zombie Bowling Balls

A collection of zombie head bowling balls from artist Oliver Paass. These were created by Jung van Matt/Elbe ad agency to help promote Germany’s 13th Street horror/science-fiction television channel.

Gallery 446 in Palm Springs

A few weeks ago while partying at the Coachella Music festival we decided to have lunch and do some shopping in Palm Springs on our way back to Los Angeles. Gallery 446 was having a private party and we were glad we stopped by, Eddie Donaldson the host is a visionary and has taken the urban Los Angeles street art vibe and mixed with a rock star feel opening a gallery in the heart of Palm Springs different than anything else in the city.

Drawing The Oscars 2014 Selfie

Heather Rooney a 20 year old art student, works with Prismacolor colored pencils and creates photorealistic drawings. Below is a timeline video of her latest masterpiece, Drawing the Oscars Selfie.

Vancouver Street Art

 A humungous mural featuring America’s favorite cartoon, The Simpsons mocking famous street artist’s such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey. Located in a private parking lot between the Amsterdam Café and Dressew in Gastown, Vancouver BC.

Andy Warhol Street Art By Cryptik & Nick Flatt

Cryptik and photorealist artist Nick Flatt recently completed a stunning mural of Andy Warhol, commissioned by BrandedArts.

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