Retna Art for Chanel in Beverly Hills

Fashion meets street art, Chanel recently commissioned retna to decorate some walls inside their boutique on Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills.

The Vader Project

While there are many character concealing masks made famous and mythologized via the canon of modern television and film, few remain as strikingly iconic as the glossy black beauty that shrouded the identity of Darth Vader, the master of the dark side (and ominous breathing) from the classic Star Wars Films.

What Dreams Are Made Of

Photographer Jan Von Holleben came up with a very creative way of depicting his dreams by constructing these whimsical scenes, which look as if they came straight out of a storybook.

Sculptures made out of Chicken Wire

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Ivan spent his childhood in Africa, England, Wales and Germany. Artist Ivan Lovatt was drawn to all forms of artistic expression, and began drawing birds and African wildlife.

Art and Humor

This awesome project, by Aled Lewis includes art and humor. Toy Stories with a funny caption.

Big Yellow Rabbit Sculpture

Yesterday we featured artist’s Florentijn Hofman‘s Fat Monkey sculpture made out of 10,000 flip flops.

Balloon Art

Aaron “Dizzy Doc” Hay is not your typical, run of the mill artist. His talent is in sculpture, but his media is not clay, bronze, or wood. Instead he twists plastic balloons into amazing shapes, and we’re not talking the usual balloon dogs, swords, and hats for kids. Hay employs more ambitious techniques to create massive animals and even small buildings for events and festivals around the country.

The Fat Monkey or “Macaco Gordo”

The Fat Monkey, or Macaco Gordo, was designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, in Sao Paulo Brazil. With the help of local art students, the inflatable base is covered in 10,000 flip flops and is over 45-feet-long.

Molotov Cocktails on Fire Art

You can always count on the Russians to come up with some disturbing yet innovative art. This new flame kissed portrait based installation by t-radya employs artist developed techniques including pasting bandages on wooden panels, and pelting canvasses with flaming molotov cocktails.  As the fires burn out, the charred surfaces that appear create shading and outlines of the faces of well known soldiers.

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