“Old Person’s Home” Sculptures

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, two of China’s most popular and controversial artists!

Art by Xooang Choi

Initial impressions of Korean Sculptor Xooang Choi’s latest works might reasonably include words like disturbing, mysterious, possibly even frightening, yet these reactions only point to the tip of an iceberg whose depths reveal social, political, and human pathology based issues.

Lipstick Art

Houston, Texas artist, Natalie Irish, enjoys painting with a provocative part of her anatomy. No, not that part! The pint sized painter smothers her lips in her favorite lipstick and goes to town on the canvas, peck-kissing her way to amazingly detailed portraits of iconic stars.

She Looks So Real

Having grown up in a dreary, war torn Vienna, Austria, Gottfried Helnwein longed for an escape from a dark reality, and ultimately found one in his art, as he developed his trademark works of childhood innocence lost through years of experimentation.

Creative Doodling

Who knew a simple unfinished outline of a crawling pin up girl could lead to such creative output?  Artists from around the world filled in the blanks with their own imaginations, using the mighty pen to doodle the brunette into a various array of interesting outfits and situations.  From a girl on girl bikini mud wrestling party, to the adornment of a WW II airplane, to a badass gun slinging car chase, these skilled sketches show the kids that doodling their way through boring class lectures can lead to internet...

Life-Sized Wax Figures

Joseph Seigenthaler is an American sculptor and video artist who was born in Nashville, Tennessee. His skill of sculpting life-sized wax figures is astonishing. The artist is represented by Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago.

This is your Brain on Drugs

This GIF has gone viral, it seemed like it deserved it to be posted in our Suite World Art section, love the creativity!

Yayoi Kusama – “The Obliteration Room”

This creative, and surprisingly simple installation entitled “The Obliteration Room” was masterminded by artist Yayoi Kusama for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

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