A Trailer That Turns Into A Boat

This little camping trailer is a low-impact cabin complete with kitchen and sleeping area that can float on the water if you want to go out on the lake. Sounds like the funnest thing ever!

Supercar Track Xperience

The Supercar Track Xperience is one of the only places on Earth where car enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, gear heads, bucket listers and drivers of all skill levels can fulfill their wildest automotive fantasies as you hop in the driver’s seat of the world’s finest exotic supercars.

Retro Air Stream

AirStream’s Latest Ode to Retro-Futurism

Real Life Bat Mobile

Anyone who thinks that he is the world’s biggest Batman fan, we have found your ultimate one upper. Auto restoration junkie and Dark Knight super fan Casey Putsch, not content to simply own a full sized Batmobile replica, took it upon himself to upgrade the engine with a Boeing engineered turbo-shaft, which was salvaged from [...]

Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes” Filming In Vancouver

We stopped by the set of Tim Burton’s new Feature film; Big Eyes, which is currently being filmed in Vancouver, Brittish Columbia. The setting was designed to look like San Franscisco in the 1950′s.

Japanese Fad – Dekotora Trucks

Ever wondered what super blinged out Asian semi-trucks might look like? Well look no further. These Japanese monster trucks, known as Dekotora [デコトラ], an abbreviation for “Decoration Truck“, look like gigantic Pinball machines on wheels.

The Worlds First SUV Convertible

Nissan makes the worlds first convertible SUV using their Murano vehicle, sticker priced at $44,450.

I Am Auto by Will I Am

Black Eyed Peas singer and beat maker Will.I.Am told Jay Leno he is developing a new car company to bring jobs to South Central where he grew up.

Ashton Kutcher’s trailer on Two And A Half Men

The two-story, 53ft long, 30-ton luxury home used by pampered Mr. Kutcher isn’t even classifiable as a trailer – it’s more appropriately referred to as a ‘mobile estate.’  Your move, Charlie Sheen.