At.mosphere The World’s Highest Restaurant

At.mosphere has views that are truly unsurpassed by those in any other restaurant (which is understandable considering it is the highest restaurant in the world).
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Guests enter through the Burj Khalifa‘s Corporate Suites lobby and ascend to Level 123, before they descend a flight of stairs to be greeted by the restaurant’s breathtaking foyer, before they advance into the main dining room, where main attraction -  the gorgeous panorama over Dubai City and the Dubai Fountain.

The restaurant among the clouds allows diners to opt for a lounge and/or grill experience.  The At.mosphere grill offers super fresh meats and vegetables available to be grilled, broiled or baked, along with an exhaustive beverage selection. The trendier lounge section serves lighter, but no less delicious fare, in the form of a light lunch or afternoon tea.  At night the lounge is transformed into a glam, dimly lit, modern ultra lux lounge to match the aura of glittery Dubai.  The space can accommodate up to 210 guests, and spreads out lavishly to envelope the large lobby, main dining floor, private dining spaces, and chef manned cooking stations. The place also boasts of an impressive liquor display and wine cellar.

The restaurant is spearheaded by renowned Executive Chef Dwayne Cheer and Head of Operations Gabriele Babini, and prides itself on revealing “elegant interiors exclusively done to match the mood and the taste of the well-heeled diners.”

At.mosphere’s prices are almost as atmospheric as the views, as they charge a minimum of AED450 ($122) per diner, and should you wish to book the luxury restaurant’s private dining area, you will be expected to fork out at least AED650 ($176.9) per guest.  Afternoon tea will set you back $100 (AED350), while simple drinks and snacks in the lounge will cost you AED200 ($54.45) per head.

With high atmosphere comes high prices, but hey that’s for a once in a lifetime dining experience…sign me up!