Christiania in Copenhagen

Christiania is an infamous, autonomous, self-governed squatter community in Copenhagen Denmark, which has been described by some as a magical hippie paradise where cannabis is sold freely in the streets and attractive, young idealists roam about in the ultimate expression of free will.

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Freetown Christiania declares itself an independent state of about 850 people over a span of 85 acres, and was founded in 1971 by a group of hippies, anarchists, and misanthropes who squatted on an abandoned military barracks for years without government intervention. One of the perks of the town’s unique system of laws is its allowance for legally traded marijuana. Although the authorities looked the other way for over 30 years, since 2004 there have been increased efforts to normalise the legalities of the community, and thereby do away with the drug-usage-encouraging atmosphere .
Until then, there is still plenty of time for all you pot heads out there to pop in for a toke or two, and some free temporary shelter.  It’s not the Hilton by any means, or even a hostel, but hey if money is tight…