Psychedelic Art

Korean surrealist artist Jung Yeon Min’s works are visually stunning, and made us curious to dig into what kind of psyche it takes to produce such artistic beauty.  In our research we discovered a view into the infinite imagined world that exists outside the boundaries of our cranium.  In the imaginary spaces depicted in her works, the extraordinary and the realistic merge, the micro and the macro coexist, and rules of physical space and time are manipulated.

Min declares that she wishes to challenge viewers to ponder the possibilities or what is possible when one’s imagination is stretched to its outer limits.  She creates an undercurrent in her paintings that contains the tools to rupture and transform traditional trappings of modern life. Tracing this force within her works serves as the key to truly understanding what her artwork achieves in its vision of our potential.

I think I’ve finally found my new art crush…