Chain Of Craters – Big Island Hawai’i

Back at it again, exotic landscape photographer Michael Sikov & his wife Jenni were recently on their annual trip to Hawaii and planned a 10 year follow up shoot (the first two photographs are from 2003, the rest from 2014) of the 2003 Kilauea eruption while all decked out in BHPH gear.

The Big Island’s landscape has changed forever, with Chain of Craters road being completely over taken with lava at the sea cliffs. The Lava has since cooled but there is a lot of action. New life is sprouting everywhere you look and the colors of the new rock are amazing. About 500 acres of new land has been added over the past 20 years (200+ since 2003) and it’s stunning to see. From lush fern forests to steam vents & from uneven lava fields to 100’ sea cliffs this is a landscape unlike any other on earth. It’s a must see.

Please keep checking back for more to this story as it is part of a series.