Lakers And Clippers Superfans

With the NBA season in full swing we sought out some diehard L.A. Lakers and Clippers fans to show us some team spirit and share their thoughts on this exciting season. Photos by Nanette Gonzales. via [LA Weekly]

L.A. couples dont always like the same team, and although that can complicate things its not necessarily a deal breaker for most. Chaz Bautzer and Lindsay Marie, creators of Beverly Hills’ “Pimps and Hos Clothing” make it work by finding inspiration in both teams by offering colorways to suit Lakers and Clippers fans alike. This cute couple is just as competitive as their teams. When asked about them Chaz responded I think the Clippers are the show. Its all about new blood. I bleed red, white, and blue. Lindsay Marie replies, You don’t move to LA to become a Clippers fan. Its all about the dynasty, the Lake Show!

Body piercer at Sin City Tattoo, Trigz is known to his friends as a die hard Lakers fan. Striking a Kobe pose here he shows it’s all about Lakers in L.A. Kobe to me is black Jesus. People hate us cuz they aint us. Were having a slow start this year, but we’ll be in the playoffs taking another ring. Were the team other teams strive to be.

Trigz has created shirts he sells online emblazoned with the tag “Lakers Gang.” Sand One, LA graff girl and Trigz friend proudly wears his shirt. Trigz breaks down the meaning, ‘Lakers Gang’ is just a statement. Lakers fans are loyal and we stay deep in the streets like a gang. We have fans all over the world.

Chris Pouy aka Durt Rambis has made a name for himself at Staples Center as a Lakers superfan. Durt, Kurt Rambiss fictional down and out brother, is a guy that keeps it fun and energetic at games. I dressed as Kurt Rambis for Halloween, two years ago. After a night of dancing and debauchery, I ended up sweaty and filthy at pretty nice restaurant. Someone came in and recognized me from the party and yelled, “Hey, It’s Durt Rambis!” and the legend was born.

The most recognizable fan in our series is one that is synonymous with the LA Clippers. Clipper Darrell can be found at every single home game, dressed to the nines in his custom red and blue suit. The suit came about in 2005 when the NBA implemented a dress code to players requiring them to wear suits when representing the NBA off the floor. Darrell wanted to show solidarity to the players and has worn it ever since.