Levitation Inspired Photography

Made possible by the wonders of radiation, electronic image sensors, pin hole apertures, and the creative mind of Natsumi Hayashi, these gravity defying images demonstrate the boundless artistic possibilities within the photographic medium.
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Natsumi is a rising star photographer from Tokyo who can often be found armed with her digital camera, jumping amidst the vast urban expanses and using her amazing sense of timing and composure to capture herself in the act of momentary levitation. The photos are snapped at exactly the right moment so as to catch her at the peak of her jump, when her body is most relaxed and temporarily freed from the forces of gravity.  Natsumi’s aim for the photos is sweetly philanthropic, a simple hope that they be used as a stress reliever and worldly release for the viewer, no matter how fleeting.

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Natsumi’s photo collection is entitled Flying in Air Diary and can be viewed on her blog at (Camera Woman Diary), where she posts her daily “levitation’s” and continues to draw new fans, including many outlets of the Japanese media.