Mr. Brainwash Art Show – Los Angeles

Yesterday was the final date of Mr. Brainwash‘s Art Show 2011, an exhibition which has drawn thousands of people each day to witness the childlike imagination of Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash. Located in an abandoned industrial warehouse in the heart of Los Angeles, Mr. Brainwash invited the entire street art community to join in the exhibition, covering the 20,000+ square feet space with art. From the moment we entered the 5-story building our eyes were met with an explosion of graffiti-fueled pop art installations and wild remixes of celebrity iconography. There was no admission fee to get in, and everyone who attended walked away with an assortment of 8 different limited edition prints as well as a variety of postcards.
This mammoth art show will not be viewable somewhere else down the line. In fact, after this last day of viewing, the building is reportedly slated to be demolished. Street art is not intended to last, and here it won’t even last inside an empty building.