Off the Wall Nature Art!

As consumers of all things cool, we stumble upon lots of difficult-to-categorize art, some intriguing, some disturbing, and some, both. The work of Gregory Euclide certainly fits in the first category, as a quick glance at his creations affords a look at a beautiful landscape that cannot be contained by the boundaries of the frame, nor the two dimensions of traditional painting.

"nature painting", "nature artwork", "the suite world" Euclide’s inspiration may be derived from the wilderness outside, but he cannot simply be called a landscape artist. “I know that I am simply using the landscape to reach something more complicated,” he says.

The Wisconsin native has created his own prosperous niche in the art world by fusing painting with miniature model work,  and has been receiving accolades and admirers ever since.  His works seem to literally leap from the canvas on the wall and spill out onto the nearest flat (and sometimes not) surface in wondrously three dimensional fashion.  But he is not stopping there, as he is now collaborating with indie darling Justin Vernon of Bon Iver on the artwork for the band’s forthcoming release, and currently showcasing more of his works at the New York City’s Museum of Arts & Design.  Keep your eyes on this rising star, as he continues to make awe inspiring waves in the ever fickle world of visual art.