Pool Table Made Out of Glass

Green felt doesn’t belong in a sleek modern game room, so obviously if you have any sense of design you can’t include a billiards table—or at least not a standard one. Because no matter how great it would look, it’s not like you could play on a glass pool table… could you? Apparently you can?
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The designer’s transparent Vitrik playing surface simulates the resistance of a cloth surface and, along with its other contemporary materials and minimalist aesthetic, succeeds in transporting the idea of pool tables into the 21st century. The glass and top and metal frame provide a fresh look, but watching the game in action really makes the game seem futuristic. With this clear surface, the balls seem to float across the table, and whenever a player nails a shot they get the satisfaction of watching the ball roll into place under the table.


"Nottage Design", "glass pool table", "", "craig nottage",

Craig Nottage is a 27 year old Industrial Designer, based in Adelaide. He says he likes to push the boundaries of design and not take anything for granted!

“The development of the G-1 was an enormous task. I wanted to create the ultimate pool table, with genuine innovation in design and technology. There were many technical challenges, given the glass top with vitrik surface has nothing in common with the traditional felt on slate. I also created a frame design that was unlike any other pool table in the world. With the frame now visible through the clear top it made sense to make a feature of it and create a visible integrated ball return system.” Designer Q&A with Craig Nottage

"Nottage Design", "glass pool table", "", "craig nottage",

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