Girls with Tattoos

The act of permanently marking one’s sub-dermal layers with ink is one that has ancient roots, and continues to evolve in terms of detail, placement, and sheer skin square-inches. Girls with tats are a growing breed, and one that has ignited some controversy amongst the would-be suitors of the XY chromosome crowd. The bottom line is that you either love them or hate them, and depending on your taste, can cause you to upgrade a Nashville 9 to a Hollywood 10, or walk the other way in disgust.

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These inked up girls show us how far the trend can be taken, as they cover their thighs, butts, scalps, and even eyelids in order to satiate their multi-hued skin fantasies.  And although this needlephilic practice may not be your thing, we have to admit the girls have personality, a unique beauty even…and that’s more than can be said for many an American lady these days.  Props!

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