A Real Smurfs Village

Sony Pictures is showing it’s going all out to promote its upcoming “The Smurfs 3D” film on a global scale, by taking over the small Spanish village of Juzcar, in the Malaga region, and literally painting the town blue.

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Juzcar is a relaxed “pueblo blanco” village, located in the Genel Valley region of Andalucia. It boasts a minuscule population of just under 250 people, and yet has been selected by the motion picture giant to be the perfect location for the film’s debut. Locals were delighted at the idea of turning their  small village into a moneymaking tourist attraction, but their fame and fortune came at an interesting price: Sony requested that the entire town, including it’s landmark, historic church, be painted in that special shade of blue, to resemble the Smurf settlement from the movie.

As the June 16 premiere date quickly approached, the company enlisted several unemployed locals, armed with 4,200 liters of paint and hundreds of brushes, to turn Juzcar into a real life Smurf town.  As of this writing, there have been almost no complaints concerning the transformacion azul, and considering flocks of tourists have already been showing up for a viewing, the locals appear more than satisfied with the change.  Although Sony has agreed to return the village to its former white hue, the locals have been discussing leaving it as is, hoping that their town could become a permanent tourist attraction, while at the same time serving as an interesting study in small town economics.