Woodlyn Park Boat Motel, New Zealand

We at the Suite World never grow weary on our quest to experience the world’s most unique lodgings, which is why we were very happy to stumble upon these little gems from New Zealand.  The Waitomo group of ”Motels,” located on a working farm in Central North Island and only a couple hours drive from Auckland, include a Train motel, a Plane Motel, and the Hobbit Motels, which are modeled after the dwellings from J.R.R. Tolkien’s famed novels.  But when we heard they were adding a Boat model to the line, we had to take a look for ourselves.

The guest rooms are situated inside of the “Waitanic,” a WWII Patrol Boat built in 1942 and ripped straight from New Zealand’s history.  Only twelve were ever built, and during its glory days, the ship was used primarily for anti-submarine patrol in the Islands.  Not to worry though, the amenities have been stepped up considerably from those days, and include beautiful furnishings of native materials, modern climate control, lighting, and TV’s, should you wish to take a break from the jaw-dropping views outside.

We’ve already put in our reservations for the Captain’s room, a “room” which is actually three levels and houses a dining room, living room, kitchen, entertainment decks, full baths for each bedroom, and all the unspoiled beauty you can handle outdoors.  And at only two hundred forty dollars a night (plus twenty dollar charge per extra person), this deal of an experience is sure to have an epic waiting list. But that’s nothing a few phone calls can’t fix!