World’s Biggest Cave found in Vietnam

A massive cave in a remote area of Vietnamese jungle was recently uncovered, and deemed the largest single cavernous passage ever found according to geographical surveys."hang-en-cave","vietnam cave", "massive cave", "huge cave", "BIGGEST CAVE"

Although Deer Cave reaches an impressive 300-by-300 feet at its largest point, it stretches for only about a mile, whereas spelunkers of Son Doong, by contrast, were able to trek almost three miles into Vietnamese national park protected cavern before reaching an impasse due to seasonal flooding – and they surmise that there is much more undiscovered square footage beyond.

Adam Spillane, a member of the British funded Cave Expedition team that explored the massive cavern expressed disappointment at reaching the currently insurmountable 46-foot-high rock wall, but remained hopeful about future exploration.

“The second team that went in got flooded out,” he told National Geographic. “We’re going back next year to climb that wall and explore the cave further.”

Photographs of the Son Doong cave