Prime Chop House – Palm Springs

Prime Chop House is located in palm springs on the main drag at 262 South Palm Canyon Drive.

Upon arrival,  the wait staff at Chop House was very friendly & the service was great.They greeted us with a smile and sat us at a nice romantic table in the back corner.

The first thing we noticed was that the restaurant was fairly empty compared to the others nearby which were booming on a Saturday Night.

The warm sourdough bread was delicious & just how I like it, nice & crusty on the outside & soft & airy on the inside.
The menu looked great. We decided to order the 18oz Ribeye, a Baked Potato with the works and a side of Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Mushrooms, truffles and Caramelized shallots.

Everything looked amazing on paper, but when the food came it was only O.K.
The Ribeye was tough & didn’t really taste like a Ribeye. The Brussels Sprouts with Mushrooms were very yummy! Strong truffle flavor, we really like truffles so we loved them, but if you aren’t a truffle fan stay away.

Baked potato was okay, nothing exciting, but tasty.

We decided to order Creme Brulee & and Cappuccino for dessert. They brought us the Creme Brulee which was a bit runny, but tasted ok. they didn’t bring us the Cappuccino until we were finished with the dessert. Aren’t Coffee & dessert supposed to go together? this was quite annoying. I would have rather they waited to bring the dessert WITH the coffee.

Wont be running back for another visit with so many other great restaurants in Palm Springs.