JR’s BBQ – Los Angeles, CA

JR’s Barbeque was founded in 1998 in Culver City by Jeanie Jackson and son, Bobby Johnson. With a combined restaurant experience of 52 years, Jeanie decided to bring her family’s brand of Memphis style barbeque Los Angeles.

The food at JR’s BBQ is homemade and prepared with no MSG or other preservatives. The magic begins with the wood used to slow cook the meats; JR’s uses a combination of hand-selected mesquite, white oak, and pecan.

The meats are treated with a Custom-Blended dry rub to enhance the flavor. Slow cooking and the best quality ingredients are what makes this food so amazing. Every mouthful is as “TENDER AS MOTHER’S LOVE”

The award-winning barbeque sauce is a family secret consisting of the finest herbs and spices and is sure to hook you from moment it touches your tastebuds…but beware, when they say Hot, they mean HOT!! (It has been known to knock the best of them out in the very first round.)

Everything here was so delicious & the service couldn’t have been better. Fantastic food & Friendly, good-hearted people is what makes this place such a gem. Make sure you try JR’s BBQ next time your in culver city! Also the perfect pitstop for food on the way to LAX airport!