Melvyn’s – Old Hollywood Flavor in Palm Springs

Melvyn’s Restaurant, located on the premises of the legendary Ingleside Inn, is elegantly upbeat and the home of authentic Hollywood glamour. The live entertainment & dancing is unlike anywhere else in Palm Springs, but dont come here if you want to wine & dine.

We decided to try Melvyn’s lastnight for our very first time. Being that we’re late-night diners, we were thrilled when we discovered that Melvyn’s served dinner until 11:00 (most other restaurants in this area are closed by 9:30)
We arrived at 10:00 with big appetites & ready for a romantic dinner experience!

The moment we walked through the doors it felt as if we were whisked back in time into a completely different era. The Old Hollywood Nostalgia of this place is just awesome! The walls are lined with paintings of Frank Sinatra & Elvis reflected off of smokey mirrors shimmering with candlelight.

They told us to find a seat anywhere. Then the maitre d’ asked my date remove his hat, which he kindly did. We were then informed that a waitress would be with us shortly. We sat there for over 20 MINUTES (we were about to leave) without even a single drop of water, or even a Menu.

When the waitress finally got to our table she asked what we wanted to order. I told her a Menu would be nice.

The live entertainment was great & the dancefloor was getting quite a bit of use, making this a wonderful place to people-watch.

When the waitress came back to our table, I quickly ordered A Blueberry Lemon-drop & my date ordered a Glenlivet on the rocks.
She hurried away  then came back 5 minutes later, and asked us what we would like to drink…again. Then she said “oh im sorry thats right you ordered the lemondrop & the glenlivet” yes. we nodded. (CAN I PLEASE JUST GET A COCKTAIL!?)

FINALLY she brought us our drinks & it was 10:45.
It took us 45 MINUTES to get 2 drinks & its not like the place was crowded.

The problem was obvious, there was one waitress working the entire room. Understaffed is an understatement. If they would just hire a few more servers this problem could be easily avoided. So, with so many similar bad reviews why dont they fix this problem???

by the time we actually got hold of a FOOD menu, the kitchen was closing & we had a bad taste in our mouths.

Watching the live music & old people dancing was entertaining for a few minutes, but don’t come here if you’re hungry & looking for good service.

Sadly the Awful service, or lack of service at all was such a turn-off, I don’t think we’ll ever return. This place apparently “Isn’t what it used to be”.