BHPH Mystery Packs – 5 Shirts + 5 Hats For ONLY $100!

For a limited time only, Beverly Hills Pimps And Hos will be offering one of the BEST deals in the history of the brand.

Face-kini the Latest Fashion Trend in China

The Facekini is the latest fashion trend in china, the Face-Kini is basically protecting yourself completely from sun’s rays, while looking kinda stylish too.

Handmade Shoes For a Good Cause

We all love a new pair of kicks but when they’re ethically produced and the proceeds go to a well deserving charity, not only do your feet get a present but your conscience does as well. Brothers Matt and Rupert Noffs are the grandchildren of the much loved and respected Rev Ted Noffs, who started [...]

Horse Heels By Iris Schieferstein

If you ever have the urge to channel a Greek mythological half human, half equine beast in today’s high fashion world, we have found your muse.

Retna Paints the Louis Vuitton Store in Miami

Opening October 19, the temporary location of the new Louis Vuitton store in Miami’s Design District will be replaced by a permanent location in the heart of the Design District in 2014. In celebration of the opening, Louis Vuitton has commissioned famed graffiti writer Marquis Lewis, known as RETNA to paint a mural on the [...]

God Bless America

In honor of America and the 4th of July, we took the American flag out on the streets of Los Angeles to show some pride for our beautiful country with some very fun & sexy photos.

Girls with Tattoos

The act of permanently marking one’s sub-dermal layers with ink is one that has ancient roots, and continues to evolve in terms of detail, placement, and sheer skin square-inches. Girls with tats are a growing breed, and one that has ignited some controversy amongst the would-be suitors of the XY chromosome crowd. The bottom line [...]