Levitation Inspired Photography

Made possible by the wonders of radiation, electronic image sensors, pin hole apertures, and the creative mind of Natsumi Hayashi, these gravity defying images demonstrate the boundless artistic possibilities within the photographic medium.

Where Children Sleep

“Where Children Sleep” tells stories of diverse children around the world, through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms. Photographed by James Mollison.

Got Caught!

When his fresh eggs began to disappear from the rural property of German photographer Jegen Horst, he decided to do a little investigative reporting, and used an ingenious method to catch the thief. 

Chain Of Craters – Big Island Hawai’i

Back at it again, exotic landscape photographer Michael Sikov & his wife Jenni were recently on their annual trip to Hawaii and planned a 10 year follow up shoot (the first two photographs are from 2003, the rest from 2014) of the 2003 Kilauea eruption while all decked out in BHPH gear.

What Dreams Are Made Of

Photographer Jan Von Holleben came up with a very creative way of depicting his dreams by constructing these whimsical scenes, which look as if they came straight out of a storybook.

Photo Manipulation by Erik Johansonn

Photo Manipulation by Swedish artist Erik Johanson. Erik comes up with a concept from scratch takes the photos and then works his photo-shop magic!

Freeze-Frame Dog Photography

They are scenes every dog owner will recognize, but one canine loving photographer has found a way to transform the  everyday occurrence of mutts shaking their coats dry with amazing detail, clarity…and well, hilarity.

Before and After Jogging Photography Series

Sacha Goldberger decided to test his creativity on this awesome project. He created an outdoor studio at Bois de Boulogne, a park located near Paris that’s twice the size of New York’s Central Park. He stopped random joggers, asking them if they would sprint for him and then pose right after for a photo, many [...]

The Beauty Of A Second

“The Beauty of a Second” is a short film competition asking people to capture “beauty”, but with a twist: each submitted video can only be one second long.

Exploding Objects Photography by Alan Sailer

Alan Sailer creates art by blasting food and ornaments with a rifle and capturing the impact on a camera and flash he built in his garage. The flash is triggered when the pellet from an air rifle passes through a laser beam.

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