Molotov Cocktails on Fire Art

You can always count on the Russians to come up with some disturbing yet innovative art. This new flame kissed portrait based installation by t-radya employs artist developed techniques including pasting bandages on wooden panels, and pelting canvasses with flaming molotov cocktails.  As the fires burn out, the charred surfaces that appear create shading and [...]

Distorted Gravity

Anka Zhuravleva is a tattoo artist, playboy model and amazing photographer! In this series of photographs entitled ‘Distorted Gravity’ she takes her creativity to another level. Love it!

Crazy Pets

If you’re the head of the Charlotte Bobcats franchise and in need of a more authentic mascot to keep at team headquarters, or simply have an undying fantasy of owning a real bear named Yogi, then a trip to Russia may be in your immediate future.

City Of The Dead

Christian churches, agricultural prosperity and a magnificent ancient necropolis, known as the City of the Dead attract tourists from all over Russia. The village of Dargavs, or as the locals call it, the City of the Dead, has a cemetery with almost 100 ancient stone crypts where people that lived in the valley buried their [...]